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Humanist ceremonies

Ceremonies organized by the Norwegian Humanist Association have a distinct humanistic profile, without elements that may be perceived to be religious practices.

Naming ceremony

A Humanist naming ceremony is a formal event that celebrates the arrival and naming of a child.

Naming ceremony in Bergen

A Humanist naming ceremony is a great way for family and friends to welcome a child into the world. In addition to a speech, the ceremony includes cultural elements such as music and poetry readings. During the ceremony, the child is presented by name and the family is given a name plaque.

The ceremony lasts just under an hour and takes place in the local community, for example in town halls, cultural centres or community centres. The ceremony is held for several children at once. The Humanist naming ceremony is open to anyone who wants a ceremony based on humanist values.

Our naming ceremony registration is only available in Norwegian. Alternatively, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Confirmation (coming of age)

A Humanist confirmation consists of a course in life stance and ethics, finalized with a formal ceremony. All young people (normally at 14-15 years of age) may choose a Humanist confirmation, regardless of their own or their parents' beliefs.

Humanist confirmation in Oslo city hall

The confirmation course encourages independent thinking and reflection on ethical issues. The main topics of the course are humanism, human rights and critical thinking. All participants are encouraged to play an active part and take a critical look at their own and others' perspectives.

The course is concluded with a formal ceremony for the participants, with family and friends as guests. The ceremony includes cultural elements, such as music and poetry readings, and a speech addressed to the confirmands. All participants are presented by name and receive a diploma.

Ceremonies ordinarily take place in public facilities such as cultural centres, town halls, community centres or banquet halls.

Our confirmation registration is only available in Norwegian. Alternatively, please get in touch at [email protected].


A Humanist wedding is a beautiful and formal ceremony that celebrates and affirms that two individuals have chosen each other. The ceremony is about the couple themselves and the humanistic values they want to base their life on – love, equality and mutual respect.

Humanist wedding outdoors

The ceremony usually consists of music and poetry reading, in addition to the celebrant's speech to the couple. The content varies according to the couple’s wishes. Common to all the ceremonies is that the content has a structure, building up to the highlight of the ceremony; the actual marriage.

The legal marriage includes vows, where the couple say yes to each other. The vows were created by the Norwegian Humanist Association and are part of the association’s legal right to wed in Norway. All the wedding ceremonies include these vows and couples can not use their own. The vows are translated into English, French and German.

As part of the legal marriage the couple, two witnesses and the ceremony officiant sign the legal marriage document, stating that the couple are legally married. It is the responsibility of the couple to obtain this document from the Norwegian authorities in time for the ceremony. The couple need to contact Folkeregisteret, part of Skatteetaten, to get information of how to apply for the document. It might take some time for foreigners to obtain the legal marriage document, and the document is only valid for four months.

Humanist weddings may take place both indoors and outdoors. The location should be appropriate for a dignified and formal ceremony. The Norwegian Humanist Association is entitled to wed people throughout Norway. This entails that the couple themselves may decide, to a large extent, where the ceremony should take place.

All couples need to send an electronic wedding request. Our wedding booking is only available in Norwegian. To be able to send the wedding request, one person in the couple need to become a member of the association. Once the membership is active and the couple have a membership number the wedding request can be sent.

For more information, please get in touch with us at [email protected].


A Humanist funeral is a formal ceremony where the person who has died is celebrated in a dignified manner, free of religious content. Anyone may choose a Humanist funeral.

Humanist funeral - lighting of candle

The ceremony is a dignified and solemn occasion. We help family and friends create an engaging framework with elements such as music, a commemorative speech, poetry readings and tributes. We provide a skilled funeral celebrant who has been trained and accredited by the Norwegian Humanist Association.

Relatives who want a Humanist funeral notify the funeral director, who subsequently contacts the Norwegian Humanist Association. It is the celebrant's task to collaborate with relatives and the funeral director, and to organize the ceremony.

The Norwegian Humanist Association have conducted funeral ceremonies in English and German. If other languages are requested, the association will check if the celebrants are comfortable writing and speaking in the requested language.