The Norwegian Humanist Association

Human-Etisk Forbund (The Norwegian Humanist Association) is an association dedicated to humanist values, a special interest organization and a provider of ceremonies. We work to develop humanism, and help people practice their humanist view of life.

The Norwegian Humanist Association was established in 1956 and currently has more than 86,000 members.

The association is based on our members' common view of life, humanism. Humanism is a democratic, non-theistic and ethical life stance which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their lives, and therefore reject supernatural views of reality.

We work to organize those who share this view of life by promoting humanist values and providing a number of related activities. We provide humanist ceremonies throughout the country, play an active part in discussions concerning beliefs and act as a special interest organization.

We promote a society with freedom to choose any life stance in a secular state

When the Norwegian Humanist Association voices our opinion on specific matters, it is always based on the values inherent in our humanist outlook. We want common ethical values such as respect for life and human dignity, equality, justice, tolerance, reciprocity and democracy to be the cornerstone in politics, in working life and business, in education and research and in technological development.

We promote respect for human rights and humanist values on a national and international level. As a member of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) we support the global humanist movement.

Provider of ceremonies

Ceremonies organized by the Norwegian Humanist Association have a distinct humanist profile, without elements that may be perceived to be religious practices. We want everyone who should wish so to have access to dignified and formal humanist ceremonies from cradle to grave, regardless of where they live.

We provide naming ceremonies, confirmation, weddings and funerals.

Join the Norwegian Humanist Association

Our members form the basis of our activities. The larger our numbers, the stronger our voice is in the work for freedom to choose one's own view of life, human rights and humanist values. Society does not change by itself.

As a member you get:

  • Member magazine "Fri Tanke" four times a year
  • Membership prices for ceremonies
  • A 25% discount on books from the publishing house Humanist forlag

As a member you can also participate in social events at your local division, and also become involved as a representative or volunteer.

Our online registration form is only available in Norwegian. Alternatively, please get in touch at if you wish to become a member.

We also have a youth organization for humanists between 15 and 25, the Norwegian Humanist Youth.